NITDA: What the New Nigerian Data Protection Regulation Could Mean for Business

The Rise of the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR)

The spate at which Nigerian’s data is being breached by service provider has assumed an epidemic rate. On a daily basis, personally identifiable information of Nigerians is being used by unauthorized persons to further their own interest without the consent of the Data Subject.

What the New NDPR Represents

To be honest the scope of the regulation is strictly critical as this Regulation applies to all transactions intended for the processing of Personal
Data, to the processing of Personal Data notwithstanding the means by which
the data processing is being conducted or intended to be conducted in respect of natural persons in Nigeria. The NITDA — NDPR regulation applies to natural persons residing in Nigeria or residing outside Nigeria who are citizens of Nigeria.

Why There’s a Need to Act — For Organizations

To be frank, the NITDA and the stated NDPR are not meant to be taken lightly. In simpler terms, organizations are not to joke with the new policy. Take for example the terms on page 18 of the regulation act, it states the following:



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