From Hello and Hi Okwu Baa Na Have You Eaten?

Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu
6 min readOct 2, 2020

The real life story of two hopeless romantic, I used to know.

Image credit of Kelly Sikkema.

He lives in the US and met her on Facebook. She fits into the picture of what he needs in a woman. They became friends on Facebook. He slide her inbox, communication was opened. From ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ okwu baa na ‘have you eaten’? The chat became so lively. She cannot stay a day without chatting him, he cannot stay a day without chatting her. From audio call to video call. It was making sense.

Sweet things. Sweet words. Sweet expression. Expression of endearment. Sweet nonsense. Whispering into the ears. I love you and I love you too. I cherish you and I cherish you too. I can’t live without you. You are my oxygen, e wepụ gị, m nwụọ pịị. I can die for you.

Quench for you. Kill myself and run away for you. I can….

She was a student. Soon to graduate. No, a third year undergraduate in one of the Nigerian Universities. Once she’s graduated she’d be going to America to join his man. But before then, she must enjoy his money.

He must set her aside and crown her his queen. Queen of campus. Queen of the varsity. Queen of the universe.She demands money on weekly basis but that is not an issue. The man bụ osimiri ata ata. Anything for love.

Love doesn’t count. Love is meek. Love is kind. Love is passionate. Love is humility. Love is stupidity. Love is blind. Love is deaf. Love is cripple. Love is zombie.

The least money he sends to her is 100,000 NGN. Sometimes he’d send 200,000 NGN, 300,000 or more. She lives in the best lodge in the campus. She doesn’t cook. Of what use? She eats in the highest restaurant where a least portion of food is sold at 6,000.

Morning, afternoon and night. Her room doesn’t look like a student’s room. The kind of plasma TV and other electronic gadgets in her room will keep you in awe. She has everything one needs. She was boiling the campus like hot water. Her bar in the house is full of moet, American-honey, name them — French wine, German wine, Italian wine.

The man ships even wines to her. The iPhone 11 came out. The man sent her one from the US. She’s the first person to use it in the university. She’s the happening babe. The guy must provide everything after all…

Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu

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