Becoming: A Deep Review on Michelle Obama’s Book by a Young Nigerian Female Educationist

Uchechukwu Ajuzieogu
5 min readApr 14, 2020

I have always opined for people to take up reading as a hobby. Probably because I am an Educationist, people feel intimidated by my proposals for reading books. Well, I am not the only one proposing books or reading materials, there are other folks who are doing great at this.

In March 31, 2020 — I had opined that the book by the former First Lady of the United States (Michelle Obama), was a ground breaking book for anyone to actually read. If you missed my tweet on that, click here to see what I had earlier tweeted.

As you well know the lock down has been extended in various countries globally as everyone continues to battle the silent enemy; CODVID-19. In Nigeria, the lock down has been extended in a drastic measure to curb the spread of the virus. During this times in Nigeria, there is hardly stable electricity and the citizens (commoners) are finding it difficult to find relief as hunger, and crime rate are really high.

You might ask yourself (as you’re lying down), if this is the best time to read a book? My answer is, Yes! This is a great time to sober reflect and learn new things.

Amarachi Emmanuella Azubike, courtesy of Facebook.

A young Nigerian female leader who goes by the name: Amarachi Emannuela Azubike, did a deep insightful review of the book — Becoming. It was written by Michelle Obama and it has received tons of review. But why is her own review special (at least to me)?

Let’s go inside her full thoughts on this.

“In all of these lock-down, with a little moment off social media, I had voraciously read every piece of content and book I could lay hands on including "Becoming" Michelle.

I was to find out that my beginning wasn't much different from that of Michelle in Euclade avenue though in a more localized setting amid a jungle where the weak got eaten up by the strong.

Consuming each page of this book, I fell more and more inclined with the 9 year old Michelle, how she had felt living with her family in an all black district where a lot of whites were emigrating…



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